Kristen: Finding My Marbles

And I feel awakening is a process, not a moment.
Ever deeper layers.
Ever expanding perceptions.
I can however, share some stories. Some real life magic to ignite you…


Coral: Awakening Wasn’t a Choice

My family tree has a few spiritually gifted people in it. I suppose, due to an outcome based on genetic roulette, I am just one of the sensitive ones who has always been able to easily access the deeper recesses of my consciousness. As a young child I always knew I was different. I recall…

Taryn: A life- long journey

  There isn’t one point in my life that I can pinpoint where I became “awake.” My mom always tells the story that when I was born, instead of letting out a cry like a normal baby, the first sound out of my mouth was a kind of happy squeal.  I was born with an…

Welcome to Awakening Stories!

This is a place for people to share their stories of personal spiritual awakening, to build community and to connect to other people who are of a spiritual mind.


When I turned 16, I began to dissociate from my physical body on a daily basis. I spent six months feeling as though I was dreaming or living in some sort of hazy matrix…